September 22, 2022


We at Infection Protection Products believe everyone has the right to basic hygiene. Locally manufacturing hygiene products including disinfectant wipes and sanitisers for over 30 years. We pioneered the Sani-touch Saniwipe trolley wipe into retailer stores over 17 years ago to protect people in public places.

Prior to Covid, this offering was largely taken for granted and most consumers did not really worry to take a wipe to clean their trolley handle. Being strong South Africans most of us believed that a certain amount of bug exposure was good for us and would build our immune systems.

For many years Sani-touch encouraged South Africans to wash hands and clean surfaces to protect one’s children and themselves from bacteria and viruses. This education process often felt tedious and rather boring (we even brought in germ squirms to add some fun and excitement to our bug beating awareness programs.) 

Spuit poep, Vomit Comet, Themba Thimula, Kinkhoes Karel, Snotneus Sakkie, Solly Superbug, Ellie Ecoli, AneleAmadlala. – and later Catchy Corona

Along the way many variations of pre-saturated wipes were introduced, – high alcohol wipes for the medical market, biodegradable flushable wipes for the baby potty training market, Fresh-hand wipes for schools, and so the list went on.

Sani-touch Germ Squirms

Being a family business, all variants being trialed and tested wipes would find themselves in the homes of family and friends who enviably would use the wipes around a braai or when camping or visiting our beloved Kruger Park. So, we decided in late 2019 that we needed a specific Braai Lappie. It had to be big enough to clean hands and tongs, strong enough to get rib juice off one’s face, and it had to be biodegradable to be able to be thrown into the fire after use. 

So, we tried a few options with long suffering friends and family and planned to launch our Braai Lappies in April 2020 in time for Easter, Sea, Sand, Sun, and visits to the Kruger park. 

Vaaitjie & Sani-touch Braaiwipes

As seen on Toks & Tjops used by Vaaitjie

Then along came Covid! …. And the Braai Lappie were put aside while we worked day and night to supply Saniwipes to retail stores and Mediwipes to medical facilities. 

For more than two years the world battled with covid, lock down and the sadness of losing loved ones and caring for those who got ill.  Socializing was not happening, and we were all hankering after a good old Braai with mates. 

So we decided to release the Braai Lappie into the market in 2021 to cheer us all up a little, we are now all so used to cleaning and sanitising – so why not just continue at home around a Braai. 

We were thrilled when Vaatjie one of SA’s best loved Braai masters, tried them and loved our Braai Lappies so much that they are now permanent feature on kykNET’s  Toks & Tjops every Friday night. 

We all LOVE the Braai Lappies and once you have used them around a Braai you simply won’t be able to braai without them. 

Braai Lappies are now available at all Outdoor Warehouse stores nationwide, as well as other select retail outlets. They are also available on our online store. They make a great gift for any Braai mad South African. 

Braai Wipe Competition

Stand a chance to WIN a Picnic Bench made from recycled Saniwipes by Structural Poly Plastic & Projects. (Read more about how we turn our wipes into 100% recycled plastic playground equipment)

All you need to do to win is:

  • Follow Sani-touch on social media, comment on Braai wipe post using #letsbraai, #sanitouch.
  • Winner will be selected randomly on one social media platform. Winner will be announced on the 30th of September 2022.


Structural Poly Plastic & Projects
Bench made from recycled Saniwipes.