Foot stands for Sanitisers for adults and kids

Foot Operated Stands  – includes 6 bottles of 550ml Sanispray

Foot-operated stands HEAVY DUTY KIDDIES STAND + 6 Sanispray 550ml Bottles

Saniwipes Stand

Traditional metal Stands for wipes

Infection Protection Sanitising Stands are supplied to retail stores to dispense Saniwipes ONLY – the original trolley wipe!

Contact us to see if you qualify for a free on loan stand. (Ts & Cs apply)


Wall mounted Brackets

Most buckets and canisters are able to be dispensed from wall mounted brackets attached to the wall.

Sanitiser and soap bottles are also able to be dispensed from wall mounted brackets.

Brackets for each product can be confusing therefore please contact us directly for all your bracket needs, to ensure you get the correct bracket for the correct product you wish to dispense.


Dual Dispensers

Available in colours to suit your requirements, these sturdy good looking units are able to dispense wipes from the top and foot operated bulk sanitisers, these units include a hiden bin for disposal of wipes.

Contact us directly for quotes on dual dispensers.

Foot Dispenser

Stands for wipes, and sanitisers.

Our stands for wipes and sanitisers have grown over the years, designed to dispense Sani-touch product only. Sani-touch has invested in over 5000 stands into the market over the past 15 years.

Sadly our stands are being used unlawfully to dispense other New wipes on the market. Please report misuse of Sani-touch stands to us.