HEALTHCARE & medical

You would expect to find infections in hospitals!

Hospital acquired infections can be prevented with simple effective hand and surface hygiene solutions.

Providing accessible hygiene products for hospital staff, patients and visitors can prevent cross infection.

Patients need access to hygiene products from their hospital beds! A simple patient hygiene offering can decrease infections and increase patient recovery speed.

Sanispray and Medigiene are the only sanitisers in South Africa to hold the SABS 490 and SABS 1853 Mark. Containing 80% Ethanol.

A good quality hand sanitiser is not only a good idea, but it may actually save a life! Sanispray provides quick effective hand and surface sanitising approved and registered with the NRCS. Medigiene gel provides lasting protection, whilst leaving hands feeling soft and smooth.

Containing 80% ethanol, SABS marked Sanispray, these alcohol wipes provide instant quick sanitising of hands and surfaces.

Medi-wipe sachets contain 70% IPA and can be used for taking bloods or inserting IV lines.

Sanisoap medical quality antiseptic hand and body wash contains 4% chlorhexidine and 4%Isopropanol. Trusted and used for decades to protect doctors, nursing staff and patients!

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