Hospitalty & catering

Is your chef spreading bugs instead of killing them?

What’s lurking on that cloth?

  • The most diligent chef who routinely cleans  things, may be spreading bacteria with swipe of a dirty of improperly cleaned dish rag!
  • It is estimated than 1 out of every 6 people will get a food borne illness at least once a year!
Hospitalty & Catering
  • Disinfectant food grade pre-impregnated wipes.
  • Caterwipes prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • No pre mixing of detergents solutions.
  • No buckets of dirty water lying around.
  • No need for colour coded cloths, only cloth used in one area, and for a short period of time.
  • Fluid formula contains extra detergents and sanitizers ensuring surfaces are cleaned and disinfected.
  • For optimum hygiene cleanliness, effective for outside catering in the absence of water.

The best cleaning cloths by far!

  • Disposable shift cloths for optimum hygiene!
  • Cloths highly absorbent.
  • Cloths dispensed from wall mounted dispensers, Increasing hygiene, Increasing usage control – only one cloth is dispensed at a time, minimising waste.
  • Cloths designed to last one shift, – therefore preventing cross contamination through excess “reuse”.
  • Recognised by  food auditors as a replacement for colour coded cleaning!
  • As used by Pick n Pay Retail stores!
  • Buy hospitality solution
  • Food approved soaps and sanitisers available in various  wall mounted dispensers.
  • Foam, Spray or liquid!
  • Plain or Anti bacterial!
  • All refills are sealed valve cartridge systems for maximum ease of refilling  and maximum hygiene control
  • Manual dispensers, stainless steel dispensers, Touchless dispensers, sophisticated electronic counting dispensers,  or elbow operated dispensers!
  • Contact us for a solution to suit your needs!

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