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Are you sick of work? Or is work making you sick?
Fact – your desk could be carrying 400 times more bacteria than the toilet seat!

Call centres

  • Sharing phones sharing keyboards, sharing desks, sharing printers, the coffee machine or mugs!
  • Viruses can last on these surfaces for hours!

Biometrics – finger print readers.

  • Clocking in, clocking out, moving between departments!
  • Each time your finger touches a biometric reader you run the risk of sharing someone else’s bug!
  • If the reader won’t read your finger what do we do? We lick our finger and try again, transferring potential cold and flu bugs as well as other bacteria onto the reader pad for the next person to pick up. 


  • Each time a shift worker, driver or worker blows into a breathalyser they run the risk of cross infection!
  • Stop cross infection by cleaning and sanitizing all work surfaces!
  • Steriwipe detergent disinfectant pre-moistened wipes, clean and sanitize office equipment, biometrics and breathalyzers, alcohol free so they will not damage equipment or influence breathalyzer readings.

Studies have shown that businesses that offer hand sanitisers at entry and exit points have 20- 25% less absenteeism.

  • Medigiene Alcogel or Medical quality Sani-spray placed at office doors, and at “pause points” allow hands to be easily and quickly sanitized.
  • A quick rub into ones hands will decrease the chance of getting that flu virus (including Corona) that may be flying around the office.

Medigiene and Sanispray are both 80% ethanol SABS marked sanitizers.

  • Rub into your skin, do not wash off!
  • Dispensers placed at entry & exit points encourage maximum use after, using the telephone, after a toilet or smoke break, and even after shaking hands!

Don’t be caught with your pants down!

  • Regal dispensers are available for all your washroom and bathroom needs. 
  • Manual or touchless dispensers for optimum hygiene. 
  • Refills are all hygienically sealed easy to service. 
  • Soaps, sanitisers, wipe dispensers, odour control units including sophisticated Ozonators are available. 

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