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Saniwipes detergent disinfectant wipes have protected customers for years from micro-organisms, bugs, bacteria and now the dreaded coronavirus that may be lurking on the trolley handle.

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Sani-touch won’t let you bag a bug while shopping!
Trust the Sani-touch Saniwipe to protect you! Trolley wipes are available in eco-friendly biodegradable blue paper or in recyclable polypropylene.

Saniwipes are detergent disinfectant wipes. So how do they help to kill the corona virus?

The wipe will help to first physically remove any particles off the trolley handle.

The detergent in the wipe fluid is SOAP. Why is this so important? Because soap breaks the envelope around the virus, exposing the virus.

The alcohol in the fluid assists to kill the exposed virus.

  • 45 % of people do not wash hands after going to the toilet!
  • Most flu viruses, bacteria and other infections are spread by touch!
  • These micro-organisms can be found on trolley handles, escalator rails, in public bathrooms, ATM machines, biometric fingerprint readers, card readers, anything that is often touched by the general public!
Retail Shops

Protect your customers, protect your staff!

  • Only 5% of customers used the trolley wipe prior to 2020. However touching surfaces has forever changed, trolley wipes need to become part of your daily shopping habit.
  • Use one wipe to clean the trolley handle, throw it away in the bin provided. A 2nd wipe will make doubly sure that all microorganisms are now safely eliminated off the trolley handle.

Sharing is caring! – but not when it comes to sweat and body odour!

  • Sweat towels move body fluid and bacteria from one piece of equipment to the next!
  • Anti-bacterial detergent disinfectant pre-saturated wipes for gym equipment are important to clean and sanitise the machine you have been working on, or are about to use.
  • Alcohol free detergent disinfectant wipes will ensure that machines are not damaged whilst ensuring a bug free work out.
  • Money is dirty!
    How often is the Card machine cleaned?
  • What could be lurking on that fingerprint reader?
  • Who touched it before you?
  • Steriwipes alcohol environmentally friendly biodegradable wipes are a perfect solution.
  • Hand sanitising wipes or waterless hand sanitisers will protect your staff and your customers!

Outdoor events, conferences, exhibitions, or where water is scarce or unavailable, Sani-touch can assist in supplying a portable hygiene solution. 

Healthcare & Medical

You would expect to find infections in hospitals!

Hospital acquired infections can be prevented with simple effective hand and surface hygiene solutions.

Providing accessible hygiene products for hospital staff, patients and visitors can prevent cross infection.

Most medical facilities follow rigorous cleaning processes, with cleaning and disinfecting taking place at least once a day, if not more frequently. The risk of transmission, however, lies between cleaning sessions, with a higher risk of associated infections coming from the patient care environment, particularly areas which are frequently touched such as bed rails, bedside tables, chairs and patient bathrooms.

The Medi-touch range,  is specifically designed for  in-between cleaning and disinfection.

The range is designed for cleaning first, then sanitizing, quickly, effectively and easily. No pre-mixing and no buckets of soapy water required.

Patient Care

Patients need access to hygiene products from their hospital beds! A simple patient hygiene offering can decrease infections and increase patient recovery time.

Hand Sanitising

Sanispray and Medigiene where the only sanitisers in South Africa to hold the SABS 490 and SABS 1853 Mark going into the covid pandemic. both Sanitisers contain 80% Ethanol.

A good quality hand sanitiser is not only a good idea, but it may actually save a life! Sanispray provides quick effective hand and surface sanitising approved and registered with the NRCS. Medigiene gel provides lasting protection, whilst leaving hands feeling soft and smooth.

Medical wipes

Mediwipes containing 80% ethanol, SABS marked Sanispray, these alcohol wipes provide instant quick sanitising of hands and surfaces.

The Medi-touch range, 1st clean 2nd sanitise. a 2 step approach to maximum germ control in hospital environments. A detergent wipe, quickly followed with a disinfectant wipe is a quick and effective way of ellimitating mico-organisms.

The range includes, a high alcohol wipe, Chlorine wipes, Sporicidial wipes and a Hydrogen Peroxide wipe.

Medi-wipe sachets contain 70% IPA and can be used for taking bloods or inserting IV lines.

Hand scrubs and bed bathing

Sanisoap medical quality antiseptic hand wash contains 4% chlorhexidine and 4% Isopropanol. Trusted and used for decades to protect doctors, nursing staff and patients!

Patient wash wipes containing chlorhexidine, were a life saver for hospitals during the WC water crises and continue to be used for bed bathing and catheter care.

Schools & Education

Is your child’s classroom a bacteria breeding ground?
Children cross infect each other all the time!

Teachers touch books, desks etc, exposing themselves to hundreds and thousands of potentially harmful micro-organisms.

Sick teachers cause class disruption and cost the institution money.

Basic hygiene in the classroom or lecture hall not only protects learners and staff from cross infection, BUT also goes a long way to increasing basic hygiene awareness thereby increasing hygiene education!

Never before has hygiene education been more important than NOW. Sani-touch product has kept many schools open and sanitised during the coronacrises.

Hand Sanitising in the Classroom

Sanitisers in classrooms
A study (prior to covid) of more than 6000 school children showed that those who used instant hand sanitisers in the classroom, throughout the day, together with normal hand washing, experienced 20% fewer absences due to illness!


  • Sanicare foam is alcohol free, gentle and kind to the skin yet effective. (tested against the Coronavirus EN 14476)
  • Dispensers placed at entry & exit points allow hands to be easily and quickly sanitised without the need to run to the bathroom.
  • Medigiene Alcogel or Medical quality Sani-spray, are 80% alcohol sanitisers that can also be used in educational institutions dispensed from wall dispensers or bottles resting in wall mounted brackets.
  • Pre-saturated wipes have been used extensivly in education facilities to assist with a quick  clean of desks and school equipment.
  • Covid cleaning kits can be used to clean and sanitise spots equipment and balls and  safley and quickly.
  • Ozonators purify air eliminating viruses, bacteria and bad smells, in classrooms,  lecture theatres and halls.
Let them learn to share books, toys and sports equipment

But prevent that bug from being shared too!

  • Hand held bottle, medical quality Sanispray can be used to instantly sanitise, changing stations, toys, desks, and everything in and around the classroom!
  • A quick sprits will ensure the classroom environment is quickly and effectively sanitised.
  • Quick drying and food approved (SABS 1853) therefore totally safe to use on all school surfaces.
Wipe away crime and bugs with Saniwipes

Small, portable, biodegradable and convenient!

  • Use Saniwipes for a quick wipe of hands if sticky or dirty, a valuable teaching aid, decreasing class disruption, caused by children needing to pop out to wash hands!
  • Also used to wipe and sanitise desks, books and even clean down the white board.
  • Saving water, saving time, environmentally friendly paper based, pre-saturated, and cost effective.
The Dirtiest kids are often the happiest kids

It is so important to encourage kids to play and get dirty!

Freshands can help to clean dirty grimy little hands, in between proper hand washing.

Saniwipes alllow for a quick detergent disinfectant clean that can be used on hands and surfaces.

Nandi's Bulk Baby Wipes

Nandi’s Supersoft wipes are for tiny tots!

  • Nandi’s Bulk baby wipes are dispensed from small portable buckets, (can be wall mounted).
  • Containing Tea-tree and aloe Vera this gentle formula cleans, and protects babies bottoms.
  • Simple wall brackets allow buckets to be placed at baby changing stations!

Office | Industrial

Are you sick of work? Or is work making you sick?

Fact – your desk could be carrying 400 times more bacteria than the toilet seat!

Recycled air can cause sick office syndrome.

Call centres

  • Sharing phones sharing keyboards, sharing desks, sharing printers, the coffee machine or mugs!
  • Viruses and bacteria can last on these surfaces for hours!

Biometrics – finger print readers.

  • Clocking in, clocking out, moving between departments!
  • Each time your finger touches a biometric reader you run the risk of sharing someone else’s bug!
  • If the reader won’t read your finger what do we do? We lick our finger and try again, transferring potential cold and flu bugs as well as other bacteria onto the reader pad for the next person to pick up.


  • Each time a shift worker, driver or worker blows into a breathalyser they run the risk of cross infection!

 Stop cross infection by cleaning and sanitizing all work surfaces!

  • Steriwipe detergent disinfectant pre-moistened wipes, clean and sanitize office equipment, biometrics and breathalyzers, alcohol free so they will not damage equipment or influence breathalyzer readings. Internationally tested for efficacy against the coronavirus EN14476.
Hand sanitisers at entry points to offices

lStudies have shown that businesses that offer hand sanitisers at entry and exit points have 20- 25% less absenteeism.

  • Medigiene Alcogel or Medical quality Sani-spray placed at office doors, and at “pause points” allow hands to be easily and quickly sanitized.
  • A quick rub into ones hands will decrease the chance of getting that flu virus (including Corona) that may be flying around the office.

Medigiene and Sanispray are both 80% ethanol SABS marked sanitizers. Now also internationally tested against the coronavirus EN 14476.

  • Rub into your skin, do not wash off!
  • Dispensers placed at entry & exit points encourage maximum use after, using the telephone, after a toilet or smoke break, and even after shaking hands!
Bathrooms and Washrooms

Don’t be caught with your pants down!

  • Regal dispensers are available for all your washroom and bathroom needs.
  • Manual or touchless dispensers for optimum hygiene.
  • Refills are all hygienically sealed easy to service.
  • Soaps, sanitisers, wipe dispensers.
  • Air and odour control units including sophisticated Ozonators for indoor air purification are also available.

Hospitality & catering

Is your chef spreading bugs instead of killing them?

What’s lurking on that cloth?

  • The most diligent chef who routinely cleans things, may be spreading bacteria with every swipe of a dirty or improperly cleaned dish rag!
  • It is estimated that 1 out of every 6 people will get a food-borne illness at least once a year!
Caterwipes - Detergent Disinfectant Cloths
  • Caterwipes – Disinfectant food grade pre-impregnated wipes prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.
  • No pre-mixing of detergent solutions.
  • No buckets of dirty water lying around.
  • No need for colour coded cloths, one cloth used in one area, for a short period of time, preventing the chance of cross infection.
  • Fluid formula (SANS 1853 food approved) contains extra detergents and sanitizers ensuring surfaces are cleaned and disinfected in a one-step process.
  • For optimum hygiene cleanliness, effective for outside catering in the absence of water.
Cleaning Cloths

DThe best cleaning cloths by far! The multi-purpose highly absorbent disposable shift cloths ensures optimum hygiene. Cloths can be dispensed from wall-mounted dispensers, increasing hygiene, Increasing usage control – only one cloth is dispensed at a time, minimizing waste. Use and discard for optimum hygiene and cross contamination control. The Zonki cloth range of colour coded cloths are available in plain colours or with pictures to ensure the correct cloth is used in the correct place. decreasing training required whilst ensuring HACCP procedures are followed. Zonki cloths are also available in 100% biodegradable fabric.

Soaps & Sanitisers
  • Food approved soaps and sanitisers dispensed from wall mounted dispensers.
  • Foam, Spray or liquid. Plain or Anti-bacterial soaps.
  • All refills are sealed valve cartridge systems for maximum ease of refilling and maximum hygiene control.
  • Manual dispensers, stainless steel, ABS white dispensers and touchless dispensers available.
  • Contact us for a solution to suit your needs!
Surface and floor cleaning and sanitising

NaDcc stabalised chlorine tabs with detergent, the safe inexpensive way to clean and sanitise all areas of restaurants and food prep areas.