Sanitouch won’t let you bag a bug while shopping!
Trust the Sani-touch Saniwipe to protect you! Trolley wipes are available in eco-friendly biodegradable blue paper or in recyclable polypropylene. 

Saniwipes are detergent disinfectant wipes. So how do they help to kill the corona virus?

  1. The wipe will help to first physically remove any particles off the trolley handle.

  2. The detergent in the wipe fluid is SOAP. Why is this so important? Because soap breaks the envelope around the virus, and the virus dies.

  3. The alcohol in the fluid assists to kill the exposed virus.

  • 45 % of people do not wash hands after going to the toilet!
  • Most flu viruses, bacteria and other infections are spread by touch!
  • These micro-organisms can be found on trolley handles, escalator rails, in public bathrooms, ATM machines, biometric fingerprint readers, card readers, anything that is often touched by the general public!

Protect your customers, protect your staff!

  • Only 5% of customers used the trolley wipe prior to 2020. However touching surfaces has forever changed, trolley wipes need to become part of your daily shopping habit.

  • Use one wipe to clean the trolley handle, throw it away in the bin provided. A 2nd wipe will make doubly sure that all microorganisms are now safely eliminated off the trolley handle.

Sharing is caring! – but not when it comes to sweat and body odour!

  • Sweat towels move body fluid and bacteria from one piece of equipment to the next!
  • Anti-bacterial detergent disinfectant pre-saturated wipes for gym equipment are important to clean and sanitise the machine you have been working on, or are about to use.
  • Alcohol free detergent disinfectant wipes will ensure that machines are not damaged whilst ensuring a bug free work out.

•    Money is dirty! 
•    How often is the Card machine cleaned? 
•    What could be lurking on that finger print reader?
•    Who touched it before you?
•    Steriwipes alcohol environmentally friendly biodegradable wipes are a perfect solution. 
•    Hand sanitising wipes or waterless hand sanitisers will protect your staff and your customers!

•    Outdoor events, conferences, exhibitions, or where water is scarce or unavailable, Sanitouch can assist in supplying a portable hygiene solution. 

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