Sanitouch won’t let you bag a bug while shopping!
Trust the blue biodegradable Sani-touch Saniwipe to protect you!

  • 45 % of people do not wash hands after going to the toilet!
  • Most flu viruses, bacteria and other infections are spread by touch!
  • These micro-organisms can be found on trolley handles, escalator rails, in public bathrooms, ATM machines, bio metric fingerprint readers, cosmetic samples, toys, anything that is often touched by the general public!

Protect your customers, protect your staff!

  • Over 1500 retail stores in South Africa already offer trolley wipes and hand sanitisers to their customers……… shouldn’t you?
  • Various stand options are available with wipe and or sanitiser options.

Sharing is caring! – but not when it comes to sweat and body odour!

  • Sweat towels move body fluid and bacteria from one piece of equipment to the next!
  • The Sani-touch sanitation stations have been specifically designed for gym use.
  • Various wipe and hand sanitising solutions are available .
  • A simple effective gym offering does not have to be expensive! – contact us for a hygiene solution

Does the escalator rail bug you?

  • Don’t just touch Escalators rails , or lift buttons,escalator
  • Shopping centres could use a sanitation station as an advertising board!
  • Turing your sanitation station into a income generator!

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Are you dealing in dirty money?

  • Money is dirty
  • Hand sanitising wipes or waterless hand sanitisers will protect your staff and your customers!
  • What could be lurking on that finger print reader?
  • Who touched it before you?

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  • Outdoor sports events, conferences, exhibitions,
  • Or where water for hand washing is unavailable!
  • We have a portable hygiene solution for you!

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