Is your child’s classroom a bacteria breeding ground?

Children cross infect each other all the time!

  • Teachers  touch books, desks etc, exposing themselves to hundreds and thousands of potentially harmful micro-organisms.
  • Sick teachers cause class disruption and cost the institution money.
  • Basic hygiene in the classroom or lecture hall not only protects learners and staff from cross infection
  • BUT also goes a long way to increasing basic hygiene awareness thereby increasing hygiene education!  Basic hygiene education can actually save lives!
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!  Protection from the harsh South African Sun!
  • 24.sanitisers in classroomsA study of more than 6000 school children showed that those who used instant hand sanitizers  in the classroom, throughout the day, together with normal hand washing, experienced 20% fewer absences due to illness!
  • Sanicare foam is alcohol free , contains byotrol effective yet gentle.
  • A quick rub into hands will decrease the chance of children and teachers getting sick.
  • Rub into your skin, do not wash off!
  • Dispensers placed at entry & exit points allow hands to be easily and quickly sanitized without the need to run to the bathroom.
  • Medigiene Alcogel or Medical quality Sani-spray,  is also available.

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But prevent that bug from being shared too!

  • Hand held bottle, medical quality Sanispray can be used to instantly sanitize, changing stations  toys, desks, and everything in and around the classroom!
  • A quick spritz  will ensure the classroom environment is quickly and effectively sanitized.
  • Quick drying and food approved therefore totally safe to use on all school surfaces.

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Wipe away grime and bugs with Saniwipes

  • 26. wiping away germsSmall portable biodegradable convenient!
  • Use Saniwipes  for a quick wipe of hands if sticky or dirty, a valuable teaching aid, decreasing class disruption, caused by children needing to pop out to wash hands!
  • Also used to wipe to sanitize desks, books and even clean down the white board.
  • 300 wipes per bucket, environmentally friendly paper based, pre-saturated, and cost effective.

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It is so important to encourage kids to play and get dirty!

  • 28. freshandsFreshands for dirty grimy little hands, for in between proper hand washing.
  • Pre-moistened large paper based wipes, dispensed from portable buckets!
  • 650 large wet wipes per bucket!

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Nandi’s Supersoft for tiny tots, or Paper based flushable wipes for potty training toddlers!

  • 27. nandis wipesNandi’s Bulk baby wipes are dispensed from small portable buckets, (can be wall mounted).
  • Containing Tea-tree and Triclosan, this gentle formula cleans, and protects babies bottoms.
  • Supersoft Nandi’s for tiny babies.
  • Paper-based and flushable for potty training.
  • Simple wall brackets allow buckets to be placed at baby changing stations!

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image001 (4)No child should go out to play without a hat and sunscreen.

  • A good SPF 30 Sunscreen  should be placed in every classroom.
  • This simple act could actually save a child from getting cancer later on in life!
  • Available in wall mounted dispensers or wall mounted pump bottles in a bracket!
  • Sanitouch uses the Island Tribe brand ensuring quality and consistency.
  • Link to Island Tribe for more information.
Read more on the importance of Sunscreen.
  • Visit CANSA for more information of Sun protection at school.
  • Visit Sunsmart for more research.

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