Sanitouch offers affordable, high quality, hand & suface wipes.

Since pioneering the introduction of the trolley wipe in supermarkets and the toilet seat wipe in public washrooms, Sani-touch has expanded its range of wipes to meet the needs of customers in hospitals, businesses and schools. Our range of wipes include:

  • Saniwipes (Environmentally friendly trolley,hand & surface wipes)

  • Peace-of-Mind (Trolley, hand & surface wipes)

  • Freshands (Large hand wipes)

  • Steriwipes (Alcohol free wipes for biometrics, breathalysers, and other uses)

  • Nandi’s Wipes (Gentle baby wipes)

  • Caterwipes (Food approved wipes for food production)

  • Medi-wipes (High alcohol, medical quality wipes)

  • Ecowipes (All purpose, environmentally friendly wipes)





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