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Infection Protection Specialised Products

Actirite D

Actirite  – Organic Stabalised Chlorine Disinfectant Tablets

Used as a hard surface detergent disinfectant. Safe and effective trusted and used in medical facilities, before and during the coronavirus.

  • General low risk cleaning and Food preparation (250ppm).
  • Toilets, Drains, Sinks, Beds, etc (500ppm)
  • General Medical Disinfection (1000ppm)
  • High level Medical Disinfection (2500 – 5000ppms)
  • (ppm = parts per million -Active Chlorine)

Small tabs 200 tablets per tub half the strength of the big tabs with 120 tabs per tub.

ACTIRITE  2.5g– small effervescent tabs 200 per tub, for use in water purification, and food prep including salad wash. Can be used to sterilize babies bottles and teats.

  • 1tab in 5L = 250ppm

ACTIRITE D 3.5g- tab with DETERGENT  effervescent tabs 200 per tub, Detergent in the tabs helps break down the outer layer of the Corona virus, the chlorine is a powerful disinfectant.

  • 1tab in 5L = 250ppm
  • 1 tab in a 500ml = 2000ppms.

(same strength as above but WITH added detergent )

ACTIRITE 5g  – stabalised CHLORINE  effervescent  TABS 120 in a tub.

  •  One tab in 1L = 2500ppms = high level surface disinfecting.
  • One tab in 10L = 250ppm – general disinfecting

ACTIRITE D 6.5g – CHLORINE DISINFECTANT  with DETERGENT 120 TABS per tub. Detergent in the tabs helps break down the outer layer of the Corona virus, the chlorine is a powerful disinfectant.

  • One tab in 1L = 2500ppms = high level surface disinfecting
  • 1tab in 10L = 250ppm – general disinfecting

(same strength as above but WITH added detergent)

Test strips available on request.

Peace of Mind

Covid Cleaning and Sanitising Kit

Everything you need to clean and disinfect, schools, offices, taxis and your home. Just 2 tablets in 10L water = 500ppms, stabalised active organic chlorine, with detergent needed to break down the outer layer of the virus. Cleaning with a detergent and disinfectant is by far the best defence against the virus.

The solution is stable for up to 10 days, use to spray mop or wipe.

The covid kit is now being successfully used by schools and sports facilities to sanitise balls and sports equipment.

Contains :

Actirite D 6.5g tabs a powerful broad spectrum virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant. Controlled use, ease of use, cost effective. (as used in medical facilities)


  • 50 Cleaning Cloths
  • 120 Actirite D tabs
  • 1 x Spray Bottle
  • 1 x 20L Bucket
Infection Protection Care

Infection Protection Care Pack

Everything you need to stay infection free, aimed at decreasing the risk of infection when caring for people recovering from treatment, operations or illness. Keeping bugs at bay while recovering.

Show them you care by sending a get better soon Care pack. 

Care Pack includes.

  • Sanispray 50mls. Small hand bag bottle SABS 490 SABS 1853 EN 14476.
  • Sanispray 200mls. – Medical quality hand and surface sanitiser
  • Mediwipes canister (150 sheets). -As supplied and used by the medical industry.
  • Hygiene wipes (100 sheets). – All purpose instant sanitising wipes with a soothing lemon fragrance.


Ozone gas will distroy viruses in even the most hidden of places. Chemical free solution for disinfecting ALL AREAS.

Ozone an internationally used oxidant for the neutralisation of bacteria, viruses, odours, bad tastes, pollen and tobacco smoke, moulds, mildew, mite faeces and chemicals in the air we breathe.

  • OUTPUT = 350mg / Hour, AREA = 1 unit =300m3 (an average room of 10 x 10m).
  • 100% safe – Can be set to operate in occupied and unoccupied areas
  • OPERATIONAL INTERVAL AND TIME SWITCHES – regulate according to the situation requirement.
  • Dust FILTER consumable – Protects dust contact with the Corona, Increases the life of the unit.
  • Filters to be changed monthly.
  • 100% South African – locally manufactured

Contact us directly for more information on this fantastic unit. 011 791 4860 (Ask for Pete)