Wellness Products

Face Sheets

A protective barrier layer between face and bed while lying face down. Ideal for physiotherapy, back massages, waxing etc

Meditowels – Absorbent, with Wet Strength

Made from natural plant fibres. Strong & absorbent wet or dry. Disposable and biodegradable. Replaces paper towels and terry towels. Can be re-used as a cleaning cloth. Tear up and throw away with your green waste to dispose in an active compost facility to biodegrade.

Surface Cover Sheets

Perforated at 50cm intervals. For beds, pillows, and manicure surfaces. Use 1 sheet for pillows and table tops, 4 sheets to cover a whole bed. Recyclable.

Full Bed & Large Area Covers

Pre-cut sheets and uncut rolls 

Softowels, Super Absorbent & Waterproof

Softowels® have a thick, soft and super absorbent upper layer and a fully waterproof backing. To be used as a pillow or table cover, or used as a super absorbent bib during wellness, dental or medical procedures. Ideal for pedicures.