Cleaning Cloths


Zonki Range

Colour Coded and Picture Coded Cloths

Multi-purpose Cleaning Cloths_

Multi-use cleaning cloths

Smooth Woodpulp blended cloth rolls containing 325 sheets for use in medical and food preparation areas.
Low linting very absorbent.  Can be dispensed from a wall mounted dispenser.

52gsm smooth spunlace
325 perforated sheets
38 x 30cm
or 38cm x 20cm

Sani-Dust Cleaning Cloth

Food preparation HACCP picture cloths

Zonki cloths are printed for ease of identification to avoid cross infection. UV treated antimicrobial cloths for use in Food preparation, printed with a picture a word and in colour. minimal training required to maintain optimum hygiene standards, preventing cross contamination between food groups and food prep areas.

  • Bakery (orange)
  • Fish (Blue)
  • Veg (Green)
  • Meat (Red)
  • Deli (Grey)
  • Poultry (Yellow)
  • Coffee (Brown)
  • High Risk (Purple)

45gsm appatured cloths
38cm x 38cm folded
50 cloths per pack

Zonkie General

General Cleaning Picture Colour Coded Cloths

Use for a day and throw away, prevent the same cloth being used to clean the toilet seat and then your kitchen table top!  UV treated antimicrobial cloths ensure maximum hygienic cleaning in hospital environments, at home or in the office.

  • Bathroom green
  • Kitchen  green
  • Sanitary (toilets & urinals) red
  • General cleaning blue

45gsm appatured strong spunlace cloths
38cm x 38cm folded
packed 50 cloths per bag

Colour Coded Group

General-purpose cloths, Stripes Colour Coded

HACCP Colour Coded Cloths assist to prevent cross-contamination and cross infection. Cloths should be used for a day and thrown away, however, cloths can be laundered. Used in Food prep and medical facilities. Cloths can be used for bed bathing.

45gsm appatured spunlace
38cm x 38cm Folded
50 Colour coded cloths per pack
HACCP cleaning.

Jumbo Rolls Group

Jumbo Rolls 400m of cloth

Convenient perforated Jumbo cloth rolls, absorbent and strong, printed in all the HACCP colours.

  • 400m
  • 24cm x 40cm perforated
  • (1000 sheets per roll)
  • 45gsm appatured spunlace


Oil & Dry Floor Cloths_

Floor cloths

SANIDUST locally made oil impregnated floor cloths allow for maximum dust pick up, for waterless cleaning. Ideal for medical facilities and shopping centres 

  • Sanidust Oil cloth
  • 30cm X60cm
  • 50 sheets available in Yellow or white

SANI-FLOOR disposable mop sleeve – more hygienic than microfibre pads, no laundry required. Thick, durable, highly absorbent. Antimicrobial DRY floor cloth. Suitable for medical facilities. For dry or wet cleaning. 44cm x12cm 20sheets

  • 44cm x 12 cm
  • 20 sheets per pack