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Medi-wipes 80% Alcohol

These Medical wipes contain Sanispray 80% Alcohol, (SABS 490 and SABS 1853 approved fluid) as well as EN 14476 efficacy against the coronavirus. Medi-wipes are made from medical quality spunlace fabric, for instant sanitising of hands and surfaces. As used for many years by Hospitals, Medical response teams, clinics, blood services and other medical facilities.

MEDIWIPES varients include:

  • MEDIWIPE canister 150 spunlace wipes – Ideal for ICU’s, & smaller areas needing instant sanitising, containing 150 sheets Wipe size 16cm x 16cm
  • MEDIWIPE 350 – hand and surface, spunlace wipes use as a general use medical wipe. 350 sheets – wipe size 20cm x 12cm
  • MEDIWIPE 305 sheets – Large spunlace wipe used mainly for surfaces wipe size 20cm x 28cm
  • MEDIWIPE 600 hand and surface spunlace wipes a bulk general use wipe bucket. 600 sheets. Wipe size 20cm x 14cm
  • MEDIWIPE TUBE 100 is the only biodegradable paper based Mediwipe, small enough for school and gym bags, fits into a cup holder. Ideal for cell phones, electronic & gym equipment, sanitising without leaving equipment wet.


    SANI-SAFE  80% ETHANOL  INEXPENSIVE – hand and surface wipes, polypropelene, for SANITISING small surface such as a trolley handles, desks, computer screens key boards etc. 

    Available in 1000 sheets 5L container or 500 sheets 2.5L container.Wipe size 14 x 20cm.

    SANI-SAFE individual sachets packed in bags of 75 now also available.

    Medi-touch Medical wipes, detergent, chlorine, sporicidal

    Medi-Touch Sanitising Wipes


    (1st CLEAN 2nd SANITISE)

    The use of pre- saturated wipes saves time, saves water, ensures the right solution every-time. Effective efficient disposable pre-saturated wipes mean no other cloths are needed. The ideal solution for Medical facilities and other areas requiring effective cleaning and sanitising.



    • DETERGENT WIPES for general cleaning – Neutral detergent  (NO sanitiser) Removes DIRT AND RESIDUE BUILD UP. Rough textured cloth assists with trapping dirt particles, 250 large cloth wipes per bucket size 20cm x 30cm


    • MEDI-TOUCH CHLORINE WIPES 300 Large chlorine wipes. Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate is a stabilised form of organic chlorine and is a fast and effective disinfectant against a wide spectrum of micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Wipes dumps the maximum amount of fluid onto a surface. NRCS registered stabilised NaDcc organic chlorine, activated wipes contain 1000 ppm available chlorine., wipe size 30cm x 20cm.
    • MEDI-TOUCH MULTI USE SPORICIDAL WIPES 300 Large, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, multi-use, sporicidal, detergent, disinfectant wipes. Used for cleaning and disinfecting any hard surface, including medical monitoring, diagnostic, laboratory or office equipment. Suitable for dirt, blood and proteins. Contains Didecyldimethyl ammomium chloride with high disinfectant performance against Viruses, Bacteria, Yeasts and Spores. NRCS registered. wipe size 30cm x 20cm
    • MEDI-WIPES As above. Can also be used in the 2 step approach to cleaning and sanitising.
    • PERKETTES are a new product line in this range, containing Hydrogen Peroxide for fast effective sanitising leaving a residual without fear of damage to sensitive surfaces.
    MEDI-WASH 250 patient cleaning cloths MDBMTPATCHL

    Medi-Wash Patient Wipes

    MEDI-TOUCH MEDI-WASH WIPES 250 Antiseptic, disposable, detergent, disinfectant wash cloth, containing 2% Chlorhexidine.

    Supersoft spunlace pre-saturated wipes, for bed bathing patients or for use when shower and bath facilities are unavailable. Use to clean patients’ skin. Do not wash off. Contains Allantoin which is known to soften, protect and promote healthy skin. Contains 250 large size 30cm x 20cm wash cloths

    (Also available Medical quality SANISOAP hand foam scrub with 4% Ethanol, and 4% Chlorhexidine – click here for more information)

    Sachets, Swabs & Prep pads

    Medi-wipes – Sachets & swabs 70% Isopropanol, 2% Chlorhexidine

    • MEDIWIPE SWAB SACHET – 100 sachets per box (70% IPA 2% Chlx) for use on skin prior to inserting IV lines, these are larger than prep pads 12cm x 12cm – used mainly by SANBS and WC blood services.
    • MEDIWIPE PREP -PADS, – 200 sachets per box (70% IPA 2% Chlx) for use on skin prior to injecting, larger than regular swabs 6cm x 6cm.

    See also Sani-safe high alcohol sachets