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Infection Protection Products and the Sani-touch brand is a 100% South African manufacturing business with over 30 years’ experience in supplying the hygiene market with high-quality, sanitising products.

Sani-touch locally made

Quality Products Assured

It is more than just hygiene to us…it should be a way of life!

Sani-touch is committed to continuously seeking new efficient ways of improving hygiene standards. The covid-19 virus has highlighted the need for good hygiene practices at home, at work and in public places.

Sani-touch products are manufactured in an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 accredited  facility. We hold a Medical device manufacturing license, with a variety of SABS marked products,
(Amongst other accreditations).

Sani-touch_The Power to Protect

Starting with the NEW Green Saniwipe.

The Power to Protect

We need your help in saving our future one wipe at a time,

look for the green wipe and be sure to throw the green wipe (and only the green wipe) away in the bin provided.

That way you will be ensuring that all Saniwipe Green wipes get upcycled and
re-purposed – into Pallets, outdoor furniture, Coat hangers and other useful items.

Medical Wipes


Our vision is to offer hygiene solutions to all South Africans. We believe everyone has a right to basic hygiene. Sani-touch products can assist with increasing hygiene everywhere and anywhere!

Other Wipes


We offer infection protection for you, your staff, your customers and your loved ones!

Medical Wipes


Sani-touch pledges to find sustainable solutions,

We pledge to reduce packaging, put recycling processes in place, re-use product where possible.

The Markets we serve

Saniwipes detergent disinfectant wipes have protected customers for years from micro-organisms, bugs, bacteria and now the dreaded coronavirus that may be lurking on the trolley handle.

The Sani-touch Medi-touch range is ever increasing to suit the needs of the South African medical and healthcare market. The Mediwipe high alcohol wipe is currently working hard to protect healthcare workers from contracting and spreading of Covid-19.

The wide range of cleaning cloths, wall dispensers, soaps and sanitisers assist with hygiene controls in the business and the Industrial sector.

Schools and the educational institutions use mainly alcohol free sanitizing products, ensuring maximum hygiene is provided to staff and learners even during water shortages and power outages.

Sani-Touch Retail




Sani-Touch Office


Sani-Touch Office



Wellness Market


Our AWESOME news…

This Mandela Day Sani-touch visited Rays of Hope Alex with Crown National and donated a Saniwipes recycled Play Gym. 

We lead while others follow

Sani-touch was there protecting the South African Consumer from bugs lurking around before the coronavirus since 2006. Trust the brand you know. Get in touch and protect your family and staff.