Our Social Responsibility

From wipes in buckets to wipes made into benches and other fabulously durable products.

Creating Jobs

Diversity, equity, and inclusion

New Markets

Creating a Market for repurposed products

A Greener Future

Reducing the carbon footprint

Support Small Business

By buying this Bird Feeder, you support a local small business. 

You also help to complete an environmentally sustainable circular system. 

This Bird feeder once was a green Saniwipes protecting you from bugs and bacteria lurking on your shopping trolley. Collected and sorted by Shoprite Checkers store staff, recycled then repurposed by Structural Poly. 

Hudson Diphofa started his business after being retrenched in 2020. He now manufactures quality outdoor products such as benches, jungle gyms, tables and other products, extending the life of plastics otherwise too low in quality to repurpose.  

Thank you for being part of this journey. For more products made by Hudson, visit his website.

Bird Feeder made from recycled Saniwipes® and other low grade plastics.

We don’t just say it

We live it.



When you as a consumer use a green Saniwipe at the front of your favourite store you are ensuring that not only are you protecting yourself from bugs and bacteria lurking on the trolley handle, but you can be confident of protecting the environment too.

GREEN SANIWIPES are being recycled into repurposed products. We don’t just claim our wipes are recyclable we guarantee an ethical compliance to sustainability and industry standards.

We all have to step up and play our part to ensure that used products are recycled, repurposed and become part of a sustainable system. Together we can make a difference to create a better world.

Saniwipe cycle
Saniwipes® has a science behind protecting you from bugs and bacteria as well as an ethical compliance to sustainability.
Buddy B Roll on Compost_square

Buddy B Roll

Sustainable solutions for food, industrial & medical use.

Made from plant fibres.

Simply tear up and discard once used

These sustainable cloths are absorbent, strong, and lint free

They will compost with regular ‘green’ food waste.

Product Specifications
  • 200 cloths per role
  • Cloths available in white or colour coded for HACCP facilities
  • Cloths are dispensed from the centre for maximum hygiene.